Homebuyer reports

A concise document that seeks to provide the client with an overall appraisal of the subject property. The report is completed to a standard defined by the RICS. The report is intended for conventional residential properties. The homebuyer report is not as in depth as a building survey, however it does provide the client with an assessment of value and an in sight into the condition of the property. More detail can be found at www.rics.org.uk what is a homebuyer report.

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Homebuyer reports Cambridgeshire

Building survey

Aims to provide a clear, concise report and a detailed commentary as to the condition of the building and its construction. The report can tailored to match the exact requirements of each client. For example, can comment on specific areas of concern or provide comments in regard an area the client is considering extending or altering. It examines all accessible aspects of the property. More detail can be found at www.rics.org.uk what is a building survey.

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Building survey Lincolnshire

Snagging lists

Based on our clients instructions we will compile a detailed list (and if necessary photographs) of issues which need to be resolved by the builder/developer prior to completion. These issues may be significant or cosmetic. The report will also include legal matters and any issues relating to the development as a whole. If required we will provide a link between the purchaser and the developer.

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Chartered Surveyors Cambridgeshire

Valuations of residential property for probate and matrimonial purposes.

Experienced in providing property asset valuations. As a chartered surveyor our valuations reports can be utilised in a court of law as exert witness statements.

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Valuations of residential property

Valuations for fire insurance/ insurance rebuilding cost

It is important that properties are insured to cover the full cost of rebuilding. Failure to do so could result in a reduction on any successful claim. The reduction of the payout is usually reflected by the same percentage as the property was under insured. Therefore it is recommend that insurance value is regularly checked/updated.

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Residential property advice

RICS Valuation - Help to Buy

To successfully exit the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, it is a requirement that a residential valuation is undertaken on the property by an RICS Valuer. Being regulated by the RICS and a member of RICS Valuer’s Registration scheme which ensures that all valuations are undertaking in accordance with the approved valuation standards I am able to undertake these valuations.

The service is provided with the aim to minimise the stress involved in exiting the scheme, whether in conjunction with selling the property or at the time of re-mortgaging. I am happy to work alongside your financial adviser in this regard to make this as easy as possible.The valuation letter will be provided in a signed PDF format in accordance with all the requirements detailed by the help to buy provider so this can easily be forwarded to them.

The fee is a one-off fee and will also include the cost of undertaking one additional desktop valuation which is required if the process of exiting the scheme takes longer than three months.

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